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Utility Aid is a full service utility consultancy designed to help make your life easier. Established in 2002, Utility Aid has helped hundreds of charitable organisations make better use of their budgets by offering simple, clear and impartial advice on how to save money and make better energy purchasing decisions.

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Welcome to Utility Aid

Utility Aid is an award winning, highly motivated energy company which has dedicated itself to helping the charity and not for profit sector since its inception 14 years ago.

Utility Aid boasts some of the most dedicated professionals who have helped thousands of clients save millions of pounds on their energy costs, reduce their carbon footprint and their risk to future higher energy costs by reducing their energy dependency. We are passionate about this role and invite you to take a little time to look through our website which will give you a greater understanding of what we do, how we do it, and what some of those that we have helped say about us.

We are a company that is proud of the unique innovation we have brought to the market in support of the sector for example;

  • S.I.M.P.L.E Energy-All inclusive energy tariff
  • Charity Utility Initiative (CUI)-Unique AMR support programme
  • Social Enterprise Energy Foundation Ltd (SEEF)-Joint venture between Utility Aid and Social Enterprises throughout the UK
  • Charity Wholesale Energy Alliance (CWEA)-Opportunity for flexible wholesale energy procurement
  • Our Invoice Validation Service-Tailor made for the sector

Currently over 1,200 clients who between them have over 10,000 individual sites use Utility Aidís services and our work with them continues.

We truly hope that you will contact us soon to find out what we will be able to do for you in making your utilities SIMPLE.

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Take a look at our e-brochure available online to get more information on how Utility Aid can help YOU SAVE MONEY on YOUR ENERGY BILLS!

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Get Your Free Energy Audit

FREE ENERGY AUDIT - Utility Aid offers a unique free energy audit to any charity or not for profit organisation. The audit is straight forward, easy to understand Ė and carries no obligations whatsoever.

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