Managing Your Metering Services

As the UK roll-out of smart metering gathers pace, managing your metering is key. There are currently over 900,000 smart and advanced meters in use in the UK, both domestically and non-domestically. When it comes to monitoring and managing meters, a little help can go a long way.

Through working with the largest suppliers in the UK, we are able to offer advice on all types of commercial and industrial meters. From code of practice (COP) electricity meters to data loggers for gas and water meters, multi-utility meters, smart metering (AMR), sub-metering and bespoke metering products.

Our fully independent service ensures that our customers receive the most competitive prices. And through working with all meter operators and asset managers within the UK, there are no constraints to our service.

Upgrading & Downgrading

We work with our clients to fully understand capacity and size requirements, in order to advise and implement changes needed to meet them. We will, in turn, help to facilitate all aspects of capacity change, which may involve adding or removing supply cables or pipe work.

We work with all suppliers, meter operators, and meter asset managers to present a complete service. Offering significant savings to our clients and ensuring they are fully informed at all times.

At UA, we are able to overcome any anticipated difficulties by taking a planned strategic approach to supply and supplier constraints. We can effectively manage infrastructures, supply requirements, metering, administration and the ongoing monitoring of the site until it's fully commissioned.

The benefits of our supply alteration service include:

    -Consultations driven by you

    -A cost effective and coordinated approach

    -Full choice of utility services for electricity, water and gas supplies

    -Administrative assistance

    -A highly skilled team and single point of contact

    -A simplified project management process

To find out more about how you could benefit from our metering services, contact Brendan at

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