Tackling Fuel Poverty with JRHT

The Joseph Rowntree Housing Trust is an organisation that works really hard to create better places for residents to live. They identify the challenges that people who are living in poverty in Yorkshire and the North East can face, and in turn they develop measures to tackle those issues. At UA, we've been working with JRHT, consulting on their energy procurement, for over six years.

Ideas that have been introduced include: efficiently condensed boilers, improved heating controls and the use of renewable technologies. What's vital to the success of these implemented measures though, is a way of analysing them. This is where our JRHT intern scheme comes in.

The scheme is a part of the trust's fuel poverty initiative. It places somebody within JRHT for three months to delve into the energy consumption and fuel poverty issues within its property portfolio.

By gathering the relevant data and reviewing individual cases, this collaborative work aims to understand and to appreciate the specific issues of those affected. This can then generate more tailored solutions. All in all, taking the right steps towards helping to achieve their ambition of becoming an anti-poverty landlord.

This scheme is a shining example of how we can continue to help do more good, through personalised added services.

Owen Daggett, JRHT Sustainability Manager, is very much looking forward to the scheme kicking off:

'UA helping us to bring somebody on board to take an ever closer look at the consumption behaviours of our residents will be hugely beneficial. It will enable us to support and advise them on a more personal level. And any way in which we can assist our residents to address poverty is very much welcome!'

It's our shared desire to do more good that unites us, and the Joseph Rowntree Housing Trust intern scheme is building on that even further.

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