We're proud to introduce you to the new look UA

Hello. We're UA. For a few months, we've been working away with a team of designers to explore the real purpose of our brand.

When Utility Aid was established in 2002, we set upon a mission to help charities & third sector organisations save time & money on their energy procurement. Today, UA continues to provide time & money saving advice to our clients, with the ambition to help them continue to do more good.

In line with our purpose to "do more good" we have transformed the way we operate & communicate. So it is with great pride that I welcome you to the new look UA & to our new website. In the coming weeks & months, you will see the website evolve, as we share more stories about the great work our partners & customers do.

Having gone through the exercise of exploring our purpose, I would challenge every organisation to really question the reason for their existence, to explore their purpose in the world. We exist to do more good & help those around us to do more good too. We are extremely proud of the team we have at UA and the people - customers, suppliers, partners - we work with, all exist to have an positive impact on the world. We're here to help them focus on what they're good at and on the positive impact they're having on the people they help.

It took us a while to establish our real purpose in this world - a world of energy, of business, of society. But we've found it & we live to do more good.

What do you live for ?

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