With my very best wishes for 2022
30 December 2021

This time last year I wrote about what a challenging year we had all been through. I did so with the hope that 2021 would be significantly better than the last. Sadly, there’s simply no getting away from the fact that it hasn’t been. We still find ourselves in the midst of this awful pandemic and, closer to our home, an energy sector in crisis. 

It’s hard for even the most positive amongst us to, well, be positive now (although please read on because I am going to try). As Omicron takes hold in the UK, we’re back in that awful state of limbo where we really don’t know what to do for the best. Over the last few weeks, I have witnessed first-hand people unsure whether they should have Christmas; whether they should visit family; whether they should even go to the shops for that perennial last bit of Christmas shopping so many of us always seem to rely on.

And it’s more or less exactly the same sense of worry and confusion in the energy market. Over the course of the last few months, we have seen many smaller suppliers enter administration. We’ve seen pages and pages of headlines on soaring energy prices. And, most recently, we’ve seen some bigger energy suppliers raise the proverbial white flag.

But what it means is that customers are nervous. At Utility Aid we understand this. Thankfully we have processes that are perfect for this. I’m not naïve enough to think that lots of businesses say this, but I’ve always been proud of the fact that our business model is focused on so much more than just selling energy. After all, there are plenty (although slightly less these days) of organisations who do that. 

We build relationships with our customers. We talk them through everything. We make sure they are confident of what we are doing on their behalf, and we always explain what we are doing, and why. We consider their trust to be the most important commodity we have, and we are forever focused on maintaining that, above all else. 

For us, a key part of living these values means always doing more. That means we help our clients with their own fundraising efforts and many of our people volunteer with the organisations we are lucky enough to call our customers. We do this because we believe it is the right thing to do; because we want to do it; and because many of them need our support now more than ever.  

Just look at a few of the sectors we work in. The education sector has performed, I believe, incredibly well despite the constant uncertainty it has faced. The need for religious organisations to provide comfort and support to people has arguably never been more relevant. Even small village halls, which are often the very heartbeat of communities, have needed support. I’m proud to say that throughout the last two years our relationships with our customers have strengthened further. We’ve provided many, with vital PPE equipment enabling them to continue with their amazing frontline care. I’m proud that our business allows us to support some of the most amazing organisations in the UK. 

In times of challenge, I take comfort from what we have done. I also very much hope that the organisations we work with do the same. Because they’ve been incredible. I very much hope that you manage to have a break over Christmas and get to spend some time with your loved ones. Let’s hope and pray that next year is a better one. And please remember, if you need us, for whatever it may be, we are always here for you.

With my very best wishes for 2022.

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